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Windshield Repair

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Leaving a windshield crack or chip untreated will cause the chip to spider web out across the windshield. Do not wait to repair a crack! They will worsen with temperature changes or driving conditions. While many windshields can be repaired some will require replacing. Again, do not wait to have damage to your windshield repaired or replaced. The windshield plays a major part in the safety of your vehicle.


Vehicle windshields are constructed with two layers of glass and a layer of plastic or laminate inserted between them for safety in the event of glass breakage. In addition, more and more auto manufacturers are also installing laminate side windows in their production vehicles. Breakage to a windshield or side window will cause an air gap or a crack to open as a result of the damage to the glass. If not repaired, the damage will eventually continue to increase due to temperature changes and vehicle flexing in normal usage.


Windshield chip repair provides the complete evacuation of the air in the break, along with the complete fill of resin, and the complete curing of the resin. As a result, windshield chip repair will restore the strength to the windshield or side glass, above the optical clarity to the glass, and prevent the break from continuing to spread, thus eliminating the need for complete windshield or side glass replacement. When a rock strikes a windshield or side glass, there are four different types of glass damage that can occur: The Bulls-Eye, Combination Break, Half-Moon or Partial Bulls-Eye and the Star Break.



The Goal of Windshield Repair

• Restore strength to the windshield or side glass

• Prevent the windshield damage from spreading further

• Retain the factory seal and save the windshield

• Create a smooth surface to prevent interference with

   the windshield wipers

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