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Windshield Replacement

Serving Freeport, IL, Sterling, IL and all surrounding areas in Northwest Illinois.


Damage to your windshield

can happen when you least expect it.  N. W. IL AUTO GLASS & MORE is here to help wherever and whenever you need us with windshield repair and replacement in all of Northwestern Illinois.  Trust our auto glass experts to get you back on the road safely.


Auto glass damage can spread quickly due to a number of factors such as extreme temperatures and driving over speed bumps or potholes in the road. If your windshield damage cannot be repaired, then trust our auto glass technicians to replace your windshield. We use high quality materials and offer a lifetime warranty on air and water leaks and manufacturer defects.


Why should you be concerned about safety when getting your windshield replaced?


In today's vehicles, windshields do more than keep the rain, wind, and bugs out while providing good visibility, they are an engineered system performing critical functions in the design of your vehicle.




• Keep passengers safe

• Windshields are part of the airbag system

• They provide roof-crush resistance

• They prevent passenger ejection

• Provide aesthetics and comfort

• Contour shapes

• Tinted and solar control glass

• Built-in antennas

• Defogging and defrosting for optimal visibility

• Built in UV protection

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